Montien Boonma is widely known as a key figure in the contemporary art movement, being among the many pioneering artists who introduced contemporary art to Thailand in the 1990s.

A very intuitive artist, Prateep is able to express himself creatively through both abstract and figurative work. He paints colours as its own element, each brushstrokes’ rhythmic movement compliments one another forming a power collective.

“I created this painting when I came back from London from working at Wat Buddhapadipa in 1988. I’d spent three and a half years there. Since then, my painting style has evolved. The content changed from visualising Thai traditions to a more contemporary point of view, to create more abstract works. You can find signs of those changes in this painting… “

Nudity in art have been a subject much explored and discussed many both artist and audience. Especially with female nudity, whether divine or mortal, stirs both fascination and shock.
For many centuries, the female body has been portrayed and used as an expressive tool to convey purity, curiosity and a state of eternal for there are no limiting factors to the natural curves and unmarked skin.