Decha Warashoon

Composition 1969

Artist : Decha Warashoon
Technique : Etching print on paper
Year : 1969
Size : 91 x 76 cm.

“This was created when I first started to experiment with prints. It was a time that I was doing a lot of experiments and exploring my own creativity. Personally, I prefer simplicity and minimalism and during that period there weren’t many artists who were working this way. So I was just creating things that felt right in my heart. Most of my works were silkscreen, of which I created whilst minding my own health because most of the works during that period were oil based but I chose to use watercolour on Fabriano paper. It is great for absorbing water when doing metal prints. I chose to do a simple pattern by using tape to create lines and geometrical shapes. So I concentrated on composition as the main focus. For this piece, I used etching print on paper and since it was during my creative experimentation time, these pieces are usually more abstract than usual. The geometric shapes are mixed with organic shapes, like when humans intermix with technology and space. I was studying and trying out different etching techniques, I had cut up the original moulding into small pieces and then reassembled them. I used sponges that were for wood carving and creating molds, I used the aquatint technique, which is one of the ways to create a deeper tone for the colour through a chemical reaction. This was a technique that also created a softer blend. When I cut up the original mold and then reassembled it, it made my print a lot more sharp which allowed for the shapes and forms on my work to exist freely.” – Decha Warashoon