Komkrit Tepthian

Giant Twins

Artist : Komkrit Tepthian
Technique : Fiberglass sculpture
Year : 2018
Size : 330 x 220 cm.

Inspired by sculptures at Temple of Dawn, this large scale sculpture by Komkrit Tepthian was first exhibited at the 2018’s edition of Bangkok Art Biennale. 

The Temple of Dawn’s unique character is its broken porcelain facade and Chinese stone sculptures that harmoniously flank corners of the scared ground with Thai sculptures from the Ramayana epic.

Therefore as influenced by its original exhibition space, Giant Twins is a physical and cultural fuse of a Chinese warrior and the white demon giant, Sahassa Deja. The artist joined the two together, making a conjoined sculpture that resembles a Siamese twin (as named after the famous Thai Chang and Eng brothers) as an attempt to visually formulate the relationship between Thai and Chinese that can be traced back to early 1800s during King Rama 3 period. 

Komkrit has ignited an interesting concept in presenting cultural heritage and antiquities within a contemporary context, adding itself to the conversation of identifying stakeholders of your own history. 

Giant Twins is currently on show at the front entrance of the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre.